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Attendance Record

The main function is to record attendance. The application will allow  different places record using gps and more.

Payroll Generator

With the attendance record, the payroll  is possible to be generated.


We are aiming to build this application with integration of many other software to boost company’s productivity.

We promise you a futuristic attendance system.


Our cloud based employee system is accessible anywhere around the world.

Save Money

Stop paying employee they are late and not working


Scan employee attendance via supervisor! Fast and quick!

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Cloud SaaS

The software is uncrackable as it will be host in cloud service almost at 99.99% uptime


The web application is based on multi tenancy database architecture.

Employee Attendance

The application is mainly for employee attendance but it will be improve for payrolls, and more.

“In construction industry, it really hard for us to record the employee attendance. I’m paying the lateness of my employee. ”

Tony Wong

CEO Kejuruteraan Kekal Maju Sdn Bhd

“Having the employee attendance with management system will greatly boost company’s efficiency in tracking employee tasks. I’m looking forward on this project development.”

Gordon Yong

CEO Innopro Network Sdn Bhd


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